John Odongo

About John Odongo

John was orphaned at an early age and was taken in by his uncle, a subsistence farmer in Muhoroni, Nyanza Province. Due to the family background, John could not join the High School he was admitted to as his uncle could not afford to pay for his fees. Through the support of well-wisher, John joined Nyabola High School, a newly created school where he sat his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. Upon graduating, he did not have anyone to support him through college and therefore opted to join a friend who was staying in Langas Slums, Eldoret. Together, they took up menial jobs within the slums to survive.

While on an outreach mission within the slums, the 2X Education team met with John and shared about the program. He saw this as an opportunity to break the poverty cycle and quickly registered for the 1st Cohort. While in the program, John proved himself as a committed student and a leader amongst his peers. He was posted to Le Savannah Hotel and Country Lodge for his Industrial Attachment where he also excelled. When an opportunity arose through Accuro Specialist Support Services, a 2XE employer partner based in Dubai, John was selected among the first beneficiaries of this partnership. He travelled to Dubai and joined the company’s Hospitality department. He earns an equivalent of KES 40,000. Through this, he is now able to support his siblings back home.