Elizabeth Kagonya

About Elizabeth Kagonya

Elizabeth dropped out of High School in August 2018 while in Form 3. Her single mother had requested her to drop out and get a job to support her younger brother who was then in Form 2. In November 2018, after being out of school for three months, Elizabeth met with our outreach team in a local market and sought to find out how we could help her. After learning about the various training programs on offer, she quickly settled for Hairdressing and Beauty and enrolled that same week. After training for 3 months, Elizabeth joined Caroline Salon in January on a salary of KES 5,000. In April 2019, she enrolled as a private student to be able to complete her secondary education. In May 2019, Lilian Salon came calling with a better offer and she joined. She currently earns KES 10,000 monthly.