About Caroline Cherotich

After finishing High School in 2017, Caroline Cherotich did not have many options just like most of her peers. Growing up in rural Uasin Gishu, a conservative community that did not value women much, she was lucky to have successfully completed High School. Her education had come to an end.

She began by taking odd jobs from her neighbourhood to support her siblings and jobless parents. Life was getting tough as the menial jobs were also hard to come by.

In July 2018, she heard about 2X Education from a neighbour who had come across our brochures. She saw this as an opportunity to better her life. She came to the office and asked to be allowed into the Hairdressing and Beauty class without paying any fee and in return, she would clean the training rooms for the duration of her studies. Being the first person to ever approach the office with such a proposal, Caroline was readily accepted into the program.

She trained for three months and was posted to Manor DaySpa in October. At Manor, her industry and hard work endeared her to the Manager who agreed to pay her 30% commission from her work. She stayed at Manor until January 2019 when she was hired as a receptionist and beautician with a monthly salary of KES 22,000. With this, Caroline is now able to support her four younger siblings and her parents.